Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ogle, Ogle, and Ogle

So the name Ogle here at PCHS is pretty similar to the name Smith in all parts of the world. Common as they come. Now the same as most Smiths, these Ogles are not always related, just the same last name.

Mr. Ogle, the Automotive teacher, is one that everyone should know. I enjoy watching the kids in Mr. Ogle's class and talking to them. Mr. Ogle teaches a class, that I don't care who you are, should take it. He teaches those things that as time has gone by, fewer and fewer people are starting to care about. Why learn how to do it yourself, when you can take it somewhere and have it fixed. Really?? I was thinking about education last night and how our students values have changed since our parents were in school. Things that they once valued, our kids today don't really care about. One of those things is taking pride in learning how to take care of things and learning how to fix them. I used to follow my dad around all summer long. I am pretty sure he would have like one afternoon break at Weaver's Cafe with guys alone instead of a seven year old following behind, but he never complained. My dad took time and taught me things about cars, about electrical, about all those things kids don't care about anymore. And thanks to him, I have those skills I can fall back on. Mr. Ogle is a lot like that. He wants his students to learn skills and traits that they can fall back on as they get older. I appreciate that in him and I wish that more people really understood the importance of his courses.

Ms. Ogle. What can I say, this lady cracks me up. She has a laugh that simply makes you laugh. Ms. Ogle is considered a special education teacher that instructs in the classroom below and to the left of me. I like the fact that she is truly interested in pushing her students to achieve and has high expectations for them. There are a lot things that we as a staff don't know about this lady. One of the things that I admire is her knowledge and understanding of her students. She knows backgrounds and hardships. She is the teacher that you see making breakfast for her students when she knows that they haven't eaten. She is the teacher that will slip kids lunch money if they simply don't have it that day. She is one of THOSE teachers.

Mr. Ogle (the young one). Now the second Mr. Ogle is a little newer to our group of teachers. I admire this man. He came into teaching a little later after proudly serving in our military. He is this bald man who is simply funny. And yes I asked him if I could call him a bald man, and he said sure. Mr Ogle has an enthusiasm that spreads like wild fire around his students. He is an English teacher here at the high school and has involved his kids by teaching them English using a tool that they love... technology. His kids write through blogging and they chat by class online. They are simply cool, and if Mr. Ogle was here, he would chime in, " their teacher." Perhaps Mr. Ogle's best personality trait (in my opinion, of course) is his ability for lively banter. Thank you for that Mr. Ogle. We need that in our school!

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