Thursday, March 27, 2008

Technology in Art

I am currently working on a paper for one of my classes in Educational Adminstration on the use of technology in education, specifically within the Art Program. As I am writing, I began to think about how lucky I am as not only an educator, but as an art educator. I could not ask for a more perfect subject matter than art to fulfill this wish. Art lends itself to the world of technology, in my opinion, more than any other subject. Students who are creative and talented are always looking for ways to push the bar in their work.

Why should I not do the same? My students deserve to use all this knowledge that they have and incorporate it into their talents. We have gamers, photographers, and multi-media artists. Why should we not find ways to incorporate their knowledge of these computer systems, use of mp3's and I-Pods, even cell phones into the curriculum. Whether students are asked to blog on an artist, download how to video off of u-Tube, learn the aspects of creating programs for interactive video, or take quizzes using the Internet on their cell phone...the limits are endless. The hard part is taking the time to implement these things and realize that change can be good.
Yes, this involves a lot of study time on a teacher's behalf, but as far as I can tell...well worth it. And yes, it means I may even have to learn to text on my cell...right now it isn't pretty. But I am sure with practice I too could text with it in my pocket with the best of them!

To get students to love and appreciate what I teach is the most important goal I have... If that means that I need to push the envelope when I teach...then that is what I will do.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Edgar County Student Show

I am very proud of our students at this year's Edgar County Student Show. The show is made up of the area high school art students. The judge for this year's show was artist and educator Jamie Willis. Our students did an outstanding job and received the following awards:

2-D Design
1st- Jordan Wilken
2nd- Courtney Taylor
3rd- Brandon Roberts

3-D Design
1st - Kelli Phillips
3rd- Brittany Steen
Honorable Mention Craig Jones

Judge's Choice Award: Kelli Phillips

Congratulations to all students who participated to make such an exciting exhibit:

Morgan Willoughby,Cici Bowman, Zach Batson, Sam Richmond, Josh Harris, Cerra Downs, Sarah Lueken, Selena Hall, Mercedes Mitchell, and Jack Kendall

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Student Photography

This is work from our talented Photography Students! They worked very hard first semester to produce some wonderful pieces. Thanks to their enthusiasm, we have had a tremendous jump in enrollment in this course for next year. At current count we are expecting almost 50 students. Last year was the first year for the course. With this enthusiasm for the arts and photography we will be looking at including a Photography and Graphic Design II course for the following year! Fantastic!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

taking a break

The advanced art students seem to be a little burnt out right now on portfolio building, so we took a day out and created quick marker sketches of a planted tree. These were then watercolored. It is so interesting to see just how different each student thinks and reacts to subject matter.