Thursday, March 27, 2008

Technology in Art

I am currently working on a paper for one of my classes in Educational Adminstration on the use of technology in education, specifically within the Art Program. As I am writing, I began to think about how lucky I am as not only an educator, but as an art educator. I could not ask for a more perfect subject matter than art to fulfill this wish. Art lends itself to the world of technology, in my opinion, more than any other subject. Students who are creative and talented are always looking for ways to push the bar in their work.

Why should I not do the same? My students deserve to use all this knowledge that they have and incorporate it into their talents. We have gamers, photographers, and multi-media artists. Why should we not find ways to incorporate their knowledge of these computer systems, use of mp3's and I-Pods, even cell phones into the curriculum. Whether students are asked to blog on an artist, download how to video off of u-Tube, learn the aspects of creating programs for interactive video, or take quizzes using the Internet on their cell phone...the limits are endless. The hard part is taking the time to implement these things and realize that change can be good.
Yes, this involves a lot of study time on a teacher's behalf, but as far as I can tell...well worth it. And yes, it means I may even have to learn to text on my cell...right now it isn't pretty. But I am sure with practice I too could text with it in my pocket with the best of them!

To get students to love and appreciate what I teach is the most important goal I have... If that means that I need to push the envelope when I teach...then that is what I will do.


Anonymous said...

I think we could do something with making a slide show on a dvd or something like that.

Anonymous said...

I love art! I've been thinking about what im going to do next year since im graduating. So i thought that it would be cool to make a digital senior moment video for a dvd or just myspace. We could even pass it out to the seniors at graduation. Anything would be nice.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be a good idea that all art students should have an online portfolio so colleges can see students art work that apply to their college. This would make it easier for the art colleges that require a portfolio to just get online and see it than have them send their work to the certain college. This would also make it easier to just see the students work anytime you have internet access.

-Craig Jones

Anonymous said...

I think it would be a good idea if each student could create a blog for themselves so that other students can look at your art work that we always talk about, but our friends hardly ever see, till the end of the year. Something little that we could do is allow student bring their own music to keep to themselves like an ipod. I seem to work better while im listening to the music i like. For example at home i will just listen to my ipod and go off in my own litle world and work. At school its hard to concentrate with people talking and music you can elemninate any distraction. I think it would also be cool to use technology with our actual work. For example a student used a c.d. player (the one that is pictured) and it was very cool. Its awesome to use that kind of things to express a feeling that you have. It just shows how everything is changing and it's not a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

I think that we could use technology in art, because art is about expression and evolution. I believe that if you want to take your artistic ability to the next level, i think that induvidual should be able to do so. There's not really a "non-possible" ability in art. Like some people think that art is a talent. Art is a talent, but i also think that if a person wants to be able to learn how to draw or paint, i believe it could also be taught.

Anonymous said...

Technology in all art classes is not necessary. At least that's how i feel. Classes like pottery ceramics, and drawing fundamentals are not needed. They are just helpful. If you don't know what something looks like, or would like to find a picture to draw, it can be helpful to have the technology. But, it can be bad. Students can't just copy others work. They should be reminded to try and have a reason as to why they are wanting to draw or paint that piece. It should have some form of meaning. And you should still show that you can come up with things on your own. The main reason way technology is limited in schools and classes is because some might use the technology in non-apporiate way. This then effects those other students who use the technolgy because there is a fright that other students or more students will use it non-apporiately.Whether it be by cheating or just getting on none apporiate things.

Kelli said...

i think we shouldnt use much technology in art because some of the greatest artists such as van gough and michalangelo had none, and they still became the best known artists in the world. the fundamental of art is knowing how to draw and design and i believe modern art is being drug far away from actual talent because we end up letting the computer do much of the hard work for us. plus, i think people are becoming less talented and creative because of lazyness. art is NOT pulling random copyrighted images off of the internet and making a collage with them, while slightly photoshoping them. how can people that are creative be able to express their ideas without even knowing how to draw or sketch? its been proven that every great artist knew how to draw. we do not need technology to aid us in this process, unless if its soley for advertising or selling our work. if we are truely talented people we can create thing ourselves just as great as if they were created on the computer or using technology. because we're the one's with the brains.