Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Teachers Really Are Human

When I used to teach elementary school, it was always fun to see my students outside of school. It was almost like they were suprised to see that I was out in public doing normal everyday things. They would run up and wrap their arms around you, so shocked that you would be at the mall. I would always tease them that I lived in my classroom. It seems the same with high school students. I think that students are sometimes surprised that we have real lives.

It is true....we are somewhat normal. We shop. We text. We go to concerts...love that Josh Turner. We play Guitar Hero. We get our nails done. We have fights with our friends. We worry about our appearance. We spend time with our families. We cry. We use IM. We laugh. We wear sweats. We work extra jobs. We worry about our students. We go the movies. We go to the mall. We go to baseball games. We sometimes let our personal life become more important than our school life.
We are human.

Believe it or not....although first and foremost we are teachers, it is important for students to know we are human too. We understand what our students go through. We have been there and sometimes still go through the same things. So when you think that your teachers don't have a clue....think again.

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Anonymous said...

yep like the song long black train. dont no any other songs but that one...... hixson wants to say something. I think that during our early education, we see the teachers as such professional people that we neglect to see them as the people they are. I can't see teachers like Mr. Doughan playing guitar hero or getting his nails done, but I'd sure love to see it happen. Thats about it...here is john again. ya he's gotta use big words that i cant even spell!!!

Thats proposturous... I never use extensively long syllabled words.