Thursday, September 30, 2010


So, the other night, I was checking my email and a comment came up from blogger to be reviewed and published. It said that our blog was select as a Top 20 art blog for educators. The first thing that popped into my head was, "WOW, someone reads my blog" and the second was, "I have to call my Mom!" And so I did. I checked out the published site and there are some great links to some really interesting art educators on there. Thinks for looking at us and thanks for compiling such an informative list!


After we finished out main watercolor assignment this week, we had some fun exploring with the medium. We went as a class and took a short walk to the nearest neighborhood and collected leaves. We came back to the classroom and students painted a soft watercolor background and explored with the leaves. They tried their hand at printing, stamping, and painting around them. There were also a few arguments on the leaf types, which was funny hearing who remembered what from Middle School. (At least they remembered ;) Some of the results were stunning. It was a nice ending to a very tedious watercolor project.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Drawing Class and Art I

Shading example from

The assignment for Art 1 for those who are absent comes from

Students are learning about shading. Students in art I are completing the above assignment dealing with shading and shattered values. The drawing class has jumped right into shading the human portrait. They are really taking off this year on understanding the depth that shading can create!

Photo I

This week our first photography assignment for Photo I was dealing with motion. How does one show motion or movement in an image without blurring or losing the quality of the image while also showing the actual movement itself? Tough Stuff, but they didn't do too bad.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Isn't it funny how you can get stressed in the amount of 0 to 60. Like there is some trigger and once it is flipped watch out. I have been great all day. Doing some cleaning, taking care of somethings that have long needed my attention in the classroom. And then comes water spilling, crazy random questions that on any other day might make me laugh, and suddenly i breathe in what feels like a fresh breath of stress. Where did it come from? Then I realize that I am not only worrying about work, but suddenly I am worrying about my parents, my kids, my house, and the list grows. Suddenly I found it hard to focus on anything except sitting down and venting to the blog. So here I am and interestingly enough, I am taking deeper breaths and relaxing a bit. Perhaps the day will get better.