Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Cell Phone

So I love my IPhone. And when I say I love my phone, I can tell you that it is my best friend. It is whom I wake up and check on in the morning and is that last person I say goodnight. It has it all. So imagine my dismay yesterday as I dropped my best friend into his favorite place in the car (the first cup holder) not thinking a thing about it, and as i got ready to get him out, I looked in absolute shock that he was sitting in a cup holder full of water. Apparently, my other best friend the Polar Pop decided to spout a leak from his holder, holder 2, into holder 1. I am not sure if it was jealously thing between the two of them or what had happened in this great relationship. Needless to say iPhone is sitting in a large bag of rice at home alone for 5 days. He was tough enough to register on my computer last night and let me download my 756 pictures from him and give me all my favorite music he carries. Now is the waiting game. 5 days. I am sure he misses me as much as I miss him. I only hope he can pull through...not sure what I will do without him.

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