Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mr Tripp

So band has always been a pretty big deal in Paris Illinois. Recently we were lucky enough to obtain a new director of bands whose passion and love of his field is evident in everything he does. Mr Tripp loves his job and each day that I hear kids talking about their music classes is a good day. I always enjoy watching Mr. Tripp conduct. He has this enthusiasm and excitement that moves his listeners. The kids are starting to learn an appreciation for all forms of music and that is worth everything...so thank Mr. Tripp for bringing a love of music to our kids.

Ok, so I have to do it. There is one more thing that makes Mr. Tripp fabulous and that is his hair. Mr. Tripp has the best hair and that is a true compliment from the art teacher who changes her hair color every other month. He has this great conductor hair that the more he gets into conducting, the crazier it gets. It makes him seem as if he is this mad professor of the music! It is as fabulous as he is! Love it Mr. Tripp!

1 comment:

Mr. Tripp said...

Some would say my hair is "Bieber-esque"...

Love this Mrs. Phegley, you are awesome too!!!