Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Difference Between Good and Great

I work with all kinds of people in a school. There are some really good teachers and then there are those really great teachers. Now the really great teachers are kinda sneaky. They are those teachers that never say anything about how good they are, but instead they are the ones you see that are sometimes frustrated, sometimes ask lots of questions, and sometimes never say anything at all. So the question is, how do you know they are great? Well, you start by asking the kids and watch them respond and that gives a hint, but other times you find them by simply seeing them in action. Last night I had the privilege of watching one of those great teachers. I took part in a student meeting with a special education case worker/teacher. What she brought to the floor with that parent and that child was something I had not really witnessed in too many of those meetings. Most of the time you go in, shuffle through paperwork, say a few things, and you are done. Last night in 30 minutes, I saw a teacher, this teacher, make a child feel incredibly important, special, and also accountable for their achievement in school. As I watched this teacher I could see that she takes a lot of pride and has a vested interest in the success of this student and every one that walks in the door to her room. That is so significant, because she is a woman who constantly doubts and questions herself as an educator in the system today. I think she should know that she has no reason to, because in those 30 minutes I saw a powerful teacher who makes a difference with her students. I saw a great teacher.


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I hope this teacher reads this. Maybe she will realize herself what the rest of us already knew about her.