Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mr. V

Well to be honest I went to the kids for this one. I heard from the students that I need to blog about Mr. V. His official retirement was last year from the halls of PCHS, but like many teachers, he has come back to teach a few hours every day this school year. When I asked the kids why I should blog about him, they simply said, "because we need him to come back next year... every students needs to experience him." And with that I went digging. I have found a lot of things out from the students that I think I already knew, but it was great to hear it from their mouths. Mr. V has been one of those teachers that is the foundation of Paris High School. He has been here "forever." Now with that said, most of the time when a teacher has been in a school that long, the kids grow tired of that person, but in this case that is far from true. The kids think he is amazing. So when asking the students why they have this awe of him as a teacher, I found some interesting facts. Some things that are great for any teacher to know. Mr. V treats his students like young adults. His gives them the responsibilities and guided direction that they would receive at the college level. The kids like the fact that he treats his classroom as a college classroom, with lecture and thoughts. That he is simply cool in that way. So that when he is lecturing he is not talking at them but to them. Something we all need to remember, as we sometimes forget. They like his laid back, almost cool teacher style. My ideas of Mr.V are seeing him at the gas station across the street every morning in his shirt and tie getting his coffee. Always carrying his briefcase and never looking like he is in a hurry. I admire that in him as I seem to be a hot mess most of the time. To sum him up he is comfortable in his "educational" shoes, something that as educators we all hope to achieve. Something I hope to achieve. Thank you Mr. V for your dedication to the education of our students.

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