Friday, October 15, 2010

Curriculum Maps

I used to hate the idea of laying out curriculum maps. Heck, half the time I never know what I am going to do the next day in class. We kinda roll day to day in art and need to be ready for adaptation on time, materials, etc. so therefore this teacher didn't really believe in them or like them. I always thought they should be for teachers who have a textbook or something that was solid to base their classroom on. But none the less, this year as a school we were asked to create them and turn them in. Now for me, it wasn't hard, it just took time. I know what I teach each year but seeing it on paper started to make sense as I was writing my map. The other thing I had to come to terms with, in my own little world, is that even though it is on paper, it does not set it in stone. I can change it, move it around, and do what I need to do. But it sure is nice to grab a piece of paper and check out what is next on the list. Perhaps I should begin to map out my life this way. It might just get easier. Just a little rambling note from the art teacher today!

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Ms. Hill said...

Whew! I was a bit worried when I saw your blog title in my Google Reader.... :) I strongly agree that curriculum maps we actually use, edit, and consult will really benefit our school and kids. Glad you think so, too!