Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mrs. Block

Well according to the kids...she is AWESOME and CR-A-ZY. They are looking forward to one said race in the alley between the buildings next hour with Dalton Chambers. According to rumor he was talking smack about being faster than her so she is going to prove him wrong. Excellent, I may just head out there to watch. That sums up Mrs. Block. She is the chem teacher at PCHS and is always entertaining. She makes those kids work and learn by doing. I once got to judge the homemade boats her students made and raced at the YMCA pool. The boats had to race with two people in them. I particularly enjoyed watching a few of them sink into the depths of the pool. OK so that was rambling. But in the classroom she pushes her students to excel and are rewarded for it. They come out of her classes understanding far more than ever thought. Her teaching comes from the heart. She takes this ownership in her students and works so diligently to make them learn and understand what they are learning. Many times kids have this awesome ability for short term memorization just to get by, but in her classes it seems that she creates a learning environment that forces them to step away from that.
As a peer in education, she is always creating and organizing activities which get the teachers into the world of school spirit. I always enjoy her decked out on game days with her orange and black and her extremely tall chuck Taylors. So thanks Mrs. Block for making the kids at PCHS get it!

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