Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mrs. Stallings

Well the first thing the kids said is she can dougie. Now me being who I am said...what??? They then explained that she is a quite a dancer and can dougie dance with the best of them. I think this is something that I will have to experience for myself.

Mrs. Stallings is a science teacher as well as the assistant volleyball coach at PCHS. She is a newer teacher to the school but has slid right into place. She is always smiles and full of happy with the kids. She expects great things and does a great job getting through to them. I see her going out of her way to work with the kids so that they all succeed in her classes. She relates and teaches with the idea that they will get it!

As a teaching peer I really enjoy Mrs. Stallings. She has so much enthusiasm and is full of smiles. She is more than willing to do or try anything and is an encouragement to all she is around. She is active as a teacher and extra curricular coach. I like that she is always ready to give anything a shot and I am so glad that she found her way to Paris High School.

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