Monday, October 25, 2010

Mr. Lynch

So I met a teacher one of my first years at PHS when I heard the words,"we need to get together and talk sometime soon." and from that moment on Mr. Lynch and I shared a special relationship. You see among his "real" position a social studies teacher, he is also THE drama guy. As the art teacher Mr. Lynch introduced me to the world of musical sets. For three years now, Mr. Lynch and I have a great working relationship with the high school musical. He has this amazing enthusiasm love of music and theater . What he shares with our school is truly a gift. Over 50% of our school participates in the spring musical whether through the play itself, building or painting the sets, or the pit. It is amazing. Mr. Lynch has drama down to a science with a wonderful group of parents and hardworking kids.The performances are great and what an education and experience for these students. I am in awe of how he handles this on top of the teaching as these productions are months and months of preparation. So thank you Mr. Lynch for your hard work and dedication in giving our students a unique and amazing opportunity in the arts!

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