Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mr. Doughan

Oh, Mr. Doughan, there are countless adjectives to describe this man. One for me, Charisma. I enjoy talking to this man who is quite clever on the whole. He is quick witted and entertaining, yet is amazingly professional with his students. His joking ways combined with his sincere push for advanced learning makes him the teacher that he is. And his students leave this high school prepared for the advanced writing in college. In the past few years, I have watched Mr. Doughan pull his English department together and making them a strong asset in the school.

I didn't really know Mr. Doughan as a person all that well until last year when the poor man had to make the trek to the "other" building to work with online classes. It was there that the true Gary Doughan made it through to me. He has a strong sense of jealousy when it comes to microwaves and coffee makers, but other than that he is a pretty good guy. I had some struggles health wise last year and Mr.Doughan was always there to watch my class when I needed it. That is a great thing to have someone like him, there when you need them. On a personal level, I have enjoyed watching Mr. Doughan change since his children have been born. Although his love of teaching is there and will always be, I can see his desire to be with his family. His face shines when he talks about his wife and children and I think that is awesome.

Mr. Doughan = awesome

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Mr. Doughan said...

Thank you for your kind words Mrs. Phegley. This was by far a much needed boost. I have been struggling this year to find relevance for both myself and what I teach, and this totally helps do that.

You are, by far, one of the teachers who inspire me, and I miss our daily chats.