Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mr. S Cox

When I asked the kids why I should write about Mr. Cox, they said because he is a good teacher. When I asked why, they said I don't know, he just is. Well OK then. Sometimes there isn't always a lot of explanation for things, they are what they are. Mr. Cox came to PHS a few years ago after being in the banking business. He said he just decided one day that he wanted more and wanted to teach, so here he is. Mr. Cox is the Ag teacher at PHS as well as the FFA sponsor. I enjoyed watching him and his laid back style walk into teaching. Although enthusiastic, I find him quite calm with his students. He knows how to interact with his students and there is a unique style in his teaching. I enjoy talking to this man. He has a jolly temperament that makes you smile. He is game for about anything, is always ready to take on and challenge his students in Agriculture. I like the way that Mr. Cox has brought the real world into school world. He provides a variety of real speakers from the Ag fields into his classroom. More of us should do this. I think it is important to get the kids thinking about their future fields outside of this school. Mr. Cox is one of those teachers who promotes his classes and his belief in agriculture and getting students active at the state and national levels in FFA. I think this is a wonderful thing. Having these kinds of experience such as life stock judging attending the national FFA convention give our students a unique education, one that just doesn't come from their nose in a book! Thanks, Mr. Cox for your hard work keeping our Ag and FFA programs strong!

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