Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ms. Seaton

Mrs. Seaton is one of the computer teachers here at the high school as well as the senior sponsor, mentor chair, and the yearbook sponsor. I honestly don't know how she does it all. I saw her in the office today talking about yet another activity she is heading up and I am so amazed at all she does. The thing about her is, I never really hear her complain about anything. She is on board for anything that is thrown at her. As teachers, we are constantly asked to help or become involved in things. Many of us have our limits, but I have never seen this woman say no. She is truly wonderful in this way. I respect her immensely for it.

Ms. Seaton has amazing school spirit, with tiger ears and all, when the event allows. She is always there to cheer on her students whether academically or extracurricular. Today as I watched her participate in the Teacher Football Shuffle, I could tell that she genuinely loves what she does. The idea of waking up and coming to school and working with these students everyday is not a job, but something deep down inside, is just part of who she is. Thanks, Mrs. Seaton for sharing your support and enthusiasm with our students.

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