Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Today I sympathize and empathize with those teachers who are in schools with out air conditioning on days like this.  I was one of you up until last year. At that time, my air unit was final fixed and my room no longer was sweltering in August and September. And I was no longer the teacher with her hair matted to her forehead, clothes drenched as if I had been out running a continuous marathon all day.

 Today one of the five schools in our district was let out early. That poor school is like an oven. I feel horrible for those teachers. I know what they were going through.   The high school kids however stayed in as we have 3/5 of our classrooms with air of some type.  Although, I must admit when I entered our main building this morning at 7:45 the hallway heat about took my breath away.  It's really hard to go in and out of the air conditioning all day long.  You would almost rather just stick with one or the other and deal with it.  So needless to say, by afternoon my kids were slightly cranky.  So today as I ran out for lunch, I decided that it was a Popsicle kinda day.  It's amazing that something so simple makes such great changes and makes cranky kids happy again.  And happy is a good thing....especially in the art room.

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