Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No.2 Pencils

The first drawing assignment for our painting and drawing classes always works with the basics as a refresher.  We start with contour line drawing and then simple shading.  I have found a project that the kids loved!  Ken Vieth has a book entitled From Ordinary to Extraordinary In it there is an assignment called "No.2 pencils" It simply teaches the kids to look at everyday objects that go unnoticed such as the basic pencil and use them as a creative form.  The project itself took around a week of 50 minute classes to complete, of course we all know with art students that time varies with per student.  The most important two things to remind them while working on this assignment were to draw the pencils with the form of the subject matter rather than in straight lines, and when it comes to shading to consider the cylinder surface of the pencil Here are some of their results.  We have a lot of students with a variety of artistic style and skill level and I was pretty pleased over all at the efforts.



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