Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 1 Creativity Challenge

Last night, while grading art projects, I did my first day creative challenge. I made playdough. You remember playdough. We use to love the stuff! Of Course, some of you weirdos out there, ate it;)

Now my son loves it and so I decided that heck, I'll give it a whirl making it. Let me preface this with, I tried making it last week and after three very unsuccessful batches, I deemed myself a failure. But it turned out so easy ,with the right recipe and so fun! Little Mr. Jake took it to school today for everyone. He was quite the proud 4 year old and I am quite the proud art mom!



1c. salt

2t. cream of tartar

1 pack of koolaid

dump in a sauce pan and mix together

2 cups water

2T vegetable oil

any additional liquid food coloring if needed

add to saucepan

heat on low/med.low and stir

it will form a ball as you stir

dump it out and knead it on the counter

store in ziplock


*thanks to one of my FB Friends for the recipe!

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