Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I don't know if anyone ever has this happen, but sometimes I simply feel uninspired. I have artistic brain-freeze. I search and scour the Internet for new ideas for my kids. Some great project that will wow me, and little miss negative Nellie (that's me) looks at them and thinks, "well that is just about the ugliest project I have ever seen", or "already done that." All kinds of things. But, nothing just hits the spot.

Today is one of those. I have been scouring and scouring and can't find anything truly cool to try with my kids. Sooo, if you are out there and feel like you might want to share with me, I am all for it! Bring on the ideas, I need them!


LHS AP 2-D said...

Carrie - My name is Shannon McBride. I teach art at Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Like you I can spend hours looking on the internet for a nugget of inspiration. In fact it's how I found your blog. For what it's worth I would like to offer you my classroom website. I hope you find one little spark of inspiration.

Carrie said...

Thank you so much for your info. I have been enjoying your site!