Monday, April 11, 2011

What it Takes to Make Things Work

I am the first to admit I am not good at delegating. It takes everything in me to let go of that control and honestly sometimes to me it is easier to simply do it yourself than it is to take the time to let someone know how to help you. This weekend, while in clean up mode after prom, a great friend said. "Stop, slow it down and tell me what I can do." Sometimes we all need to hear those words from someone. It makes us step back and regroup. it also lets us know that we have great people in our lives to love us enough to help us.

This weekend, I had a great group of friends who helped Staci and I make it through prom. These ladies were amazing and stepped up to help where we knew we would falter. It started last year with a group of women who helped with Grand March. This year the group grew in numbers and helped the event run flawlessly from what I have heard. So thank you to Linda, Michelle, Denise, Carla, Pam, and Michelle. And thank you to Kevin, our head of maintenance for all your stage setting and chair moving! You guys did an amazing job. We are so happy to have you each and every year! And prom this year, we had the best turn out of faculty we have had in a long time. They of course are always awesome, staying and just keeping extra eyes out there. But to be honest, our kids were great as usual. I think one of the best things that we have ever done is to move our prom from our little town in to a different environment. The kids now have a reason to get dolled up, limos ordered and truly have a night on the town. So proud of how they are in this kind of social situation. They were polite, funny, and kind. I look forward to prom each and every year for that simple fact. The best part about my job as junior class sponsor is working with great kids, wonderful faculty members and parents, and an excellent co-sponsor!

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