Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 5th, 2011

Yesterday was election day. I talked in my last blog about the amazing opportunity that the community of Paris, Illinois had sitting in front of them. A once in a lifetime chance to build a new school. I headed to bed quite nervous, I did not know the outcome, that is, until my 12 year old burst into my room and said "I just got a text, it passed!" I sat there looking at her and I know I didn't believe her at first. I grabbed my phone and climbed on Face book, the end all and be all in my world, and indeed she was right. Last night I had trouble falling asleep. It seemed surreal. In only a few short years, we will have a new school thanks to all of those individuals who worked so hard to campaign and those members of our community who simply marked a yes box. This morning when I woke up I came to the realization that my daughter would be in one of the first graduating classes from this new school. I also came to the realization that I have a few short years to get a lot of work done. My daughter kindly reminded me of that when she said to me in the middle of breakfast this morning, "Mom, what are you going to do with all that stuff in your room?" And there is where reality sank in. Wow I have a lot to do. Sorting, purging, organizing. It will all have to be done. There are things in my classroom from so many teachers before me, I have yet to discard, because I, like all art teachers, can't throw anything away. So now begins phase two of this wonderful adventure. I will have to post the randomness of what is in the art room from time to time so that all of you can gain an appreciation of my newest task at hand. Thank you again Paris Community for making our young people come first!

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