Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Are We Working On Now...

So lots of things going on in the Artroom these days. Now that the snow days are over (crossing my fingers and toes) we are really rolling along. We have a show coming up next month and I am looking at a lot of great work to put in it.

Art I students are working on some stone mosaic and perspective drawing. I always put off perspective. Funny how we don't like to teach what we don't like. As for the stone mosaics, they are kind of interesting. Kids are running all over the place in thought on these, but I like it that way. My art exploratory students are working in oil pastel on a study of georgia o'keefe. Although they are not all fans of the flower, I have finally gotten them past the point of looking at it as a flower and simply studying the shapes, forms, and colors. They are simply amazing. I am really enjoying this exploratory class. They are only in here for a semester, but wow do they have some serious talent!

Photography and graphic design II has entered a fantasy world. And as I am typing, there are working away and I can't hear a simple conversation. They are so into what they are doing. That makes me very, very happy.

My Advanced Art girls are working hard on portfolios. They have to have it completed by the end of the school year and some of them have a long way to go. But the work is strong and that is what I want to see. Soon I am going to be spotlighting them one at a time.

Ceramics class is really doing a nice job. They have just finished hand building teapots and are working on dimensional story plates. I am really excited to see their completed pieces. They are the first group in a long time that is acutely aware of detail. YEAH!

Hand Arts class is just fun! They have finished some weaving of baskets (yes I know how 60's is that!) But they have done a great job. We are hitting another recycled project before moving onto a new project. These kids are so creative and so much fun!

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