Monday, August 25, 2008

Looking at Line

Picasso (left), Duchamp, Davinci, Magritte

It is funny how every year I begin by teaching the same type of project. It isn't because I can't think of anything else to teach, but rather I think it is because it is probably one of the most important things that art students need to learn. I had never really thought of it before posting my last entry of assignments, but there it was right in front of is amazing what lesson plans can do for you :)
Line. It is such a simple concept, yet I don't think we ever take the time to look at what an important role it plays in our artwork. Line in art move the eye around the image, it keeps it observing and interest the viewer. It can be complex or simple. It can show a simple subject or it can almost cause viewer confusion. Here are a few pieces that you might find interesting. And the next time you are at a museum or online looking around, try to figure out why that piece of art interests you and I bet you will find it is all due to the movement caused by line.

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