Monday, August 25, 2008

Assignments for Aug 25-29

Here are the assignments for all the classes. If you have any questions, let me me or stop by and see me.

Photography - Assign. 1 = 12 images following the powerpoint presentation
of taking strong images 2-rule of thirds, 2-using diagonal lines, 2-curving lines, 2-leading line images, 1-little to no background, 1-showing background importance, 1-fast moving action, 1-stopped action. Assignment is due next Tuesday

Assign. 2 = 5 images from following the ideas given in the powerpoint on using windows as imagery Assignment Due Next Tuesday

Art 1 & Art Exploratory- Students are working on a contour line portrait drawing. They may choose to use 50/50 contour line or blind contour line for their drawings. Assigment Due Friday

Painting and Drawing- Continue working on 6 square drawings, bring in pictures or close-ups that are interesting to you. We are using contour line drawing to create form and will be developing these drawings using shading. Assignment due Next Wed/Thurs

Advanced Art - Once students have completed their blog portfolio, they will begin their first assignment. The first assignment is to create a painting or drawing that depicts who you are as a person. You can most definetaly add items to your work to create a mixed media work. Assignment due in 2 weeks.

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