Thursday, February 21, 2008

Field Trip to EIU

Several students attended a field trip to Eastern Illinois University on Tuesday. Our first stop was at the Art Park which is where the majority of art classes are located while the new Fine Arts Center is being built. Jeff Boshart, head of the sculpture department met with the students and gave them a wonderful tour of the art department. Many of the teachers talk to our students about the projects that their students were working on as well as what is involved in their programs. After the tour, students were able to go back in to the classrooms at their own pace where they were able to talk to students and view artwork. Many of the instructors were my former instructors and I was so pleased to see them. I felt like they went above and beyond to work with my students and answer questions, show them how certain things work such as their kiln room, and put an amazement and excitement in my students. They are truly amazing teachers!
We then traveled to the Tarble Art Center for a tour and activity. The art education students from EIU use this program as part of their practicum hour work. The work that my students created was based on the work of artist Ben Whitehouse. His work revolves around continuous time and color in landscape. The college students did a nice job with the students. I am hoping to see several of them in the future for observation hours.

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