Friday, February 8, 2008

Advanced Art Class- Shannon

Each week, I am going to try and share with the work and ideas of one of my advaced art students. This week it is Shannon. Shannon is a senior here at PHS and the following are her thoughts and ideas in regard to her work.

"My work is not like many other students work here at PHS. I have never ending ideas and thoughts. I like to do things that will make people ask questions or that will protray a certain emotion. Sometimes, I like to send a message through art and I would like those who look at my art work to feel something from what I have done. Everyone has a different idea about how objects are seen. For me, I see things out of the ordinary.Someone once told me that those who love art are not afraid to be abstract, but those who love science and math always have to have perspective. When I use color I tend to use earth tones, I feel they can send a message better than anything else because you always see them. But, the colors I have had great intrest in lately is black and white. The main reason is this semester Mrs. Phegly asked us to pick a theme, I chose emotions. Emotions can be seen through anyone. You may be sad, loney or confused, but people get this way for different reasons. Black and white helps you see exactly what mood your going for. It lets those who are looking at your artwork really focus on the image, rather than all the color or lines in the piece."


Dave Meister said...

Wow....I am impressed with your work Shannon! You have a wonderful gift. Keep challenging yourself!

Tammy said...

I have enjoyed looking at your art work and reading your story. I too love art. When I was at a museum in Chicago a few years ago, I was "ah struck" as if I were in the presence of a celebrity. I was actually viewing pieces of art that I remember studying about in art appreciation class at EIU. The portrait was titled "Afternoon on the Island of LaGrande jatte" by George Seurat. I just took it all in. It was beautiful. I hope you continue to use your wonderful gift. Who knows, maybe I'll see your work in Chicago.

Mr. Doughan said...

Wow Shannon, I knew you were talented, but I didn't know just how much. Your art is excellent, and I enjoyed looking at it. I hope you always have this interest, and I hope it takes you far in life. Someday, I'll say, "I remember making Shannon cry in speech class"! I can't wait to see more.