Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mentor News

One of the great things that PHS is doing this year is a little something called Mentoring. As teachers, we are given a homeroom which becomes our Mentor Group. I have a awesome group of juniors. They are all bright, friendly, and extremely cooperative. We meet once a month to dicuss all kinds of things, like job shadowing, testing, name it and we can talk about it. I have encouraged them to come to me with any questions, complaints, comments..anything!!! I think this is a wonderful program that seems to really be ok with my group. Today we met and talked about the student handbook, testing, and college scholarships. We had a little beach party and it was a lot of fun! Next month we are getting online and looking at ACT test prep. I'm thinking a fall theme!


Ms. Hill said...

You had a beach party! Man, that makes me look boring! :)

vanmeter said...

It was great to see your group getting information and having fun. Great job and great site!