Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What is an art teacher

An amazing piece found on has a great shop on ETSY

When you hear the words  " ART TEACHER" you probably have an image that you have attached to them in your head.  I know you do...whether you admit it or not.  You think about your elementary art teacher with the crazy hair and glasses or maybe you think of a hippie chick. Or maybe you think of the retro chic lofty people.  I don't know, really.  All I am saying is that we all think about the art teacher with an expectation in mind.

I know my students do.  I just can't imagine what image they think of when it comes to me.  Wouldn't that be interesting to know.

Each year I wait for the student or parent who asks what my favorite style of art is or who my favorite artist is.  As for my favorite artist, that's always changing.  My current and has been for a while is Jack Vettriano.  He draws on emotions and questions.  Although not all of his work is appropriate for school, it is my personal favorite.  As for my favorite style of art.  Its simple its not an art but a  fine craft and it is a love and a passion.  I love creating vintage re purposed art.  My style is simply vintage. I love altered collage, antiques, junk remade.  I like shabby chic, and the things others would throw away I treasure.  I will always say I was shabby chic before it was cool.

Creating art like this takes true talent because it is made with creativity, mixed with some happy thoughts, and a lot of love.  Artists that create this put love into each piece because they know that when a person finds their art, they follow in love with it and they don't know why.  So here's to all the shabby chic lovers out there.  If you find a great blog or have a shop, share it on the comments so we can link it and others can see what we are!

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