Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome Back!

Another year and another great group of students! We have huge numbers for our small school, so I am looking forward to seeing some great work coming out of them. The summer gave me a lot of time to sit back and re-evaulate my lessons, my teaching, and my overall "what kind of teacher do I want to be" ideas this summer. I am not sure I came up with concrete answers, cause part of me likes who and what I teach and the way I have done it, but there are some places and things that I see stepping back that could make what I do a little stronger and possibly reach some kids I might not have reached before. This year I am looking at challenging them a little more. I want to see their strengths come through in their art. If they create a good piece, next time I want to see better. I think it is time for me to quit settling on my students being good. I want them to be great!

We are starting in our Art History classes with a project on Peter Max. Very cool guy, and very fun art for the students. I look forward to see just what comes out of their ideas! Photography is going to have a mix of old and new but first we need to learn our cameras...wow do we need to learn how to use our cameras;) Drawing class is going old school. I watched the Bernstein Bears the other day with my four year old. Yes you heard right. Bernstein Bears. Brother Bear was taking an art class and was being taught to draw circles and squares and triangles..and hated it. He wanted to draw people, places and things. His Art teacher told him to have patience and those things would come. I would have to agree.

So here we go off into a new year, so wish us luck!

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