Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I hate the feeling of failing. I suppose I am sensitive to the idea. I understand that we cannot be great or necessarily good at everything we do, but failing at something is the worst feeling there is. For me I feel like I have disappointed others as well as myself. And that is how someone will remember me. Something inside me drops and then I am almost scared to think about picking myself up and trying again for the simple feeling that I might fail again. I am 37 years old and I have this feeling.

Then I think what kids feel like. When you are little you will try anything. No fear of failure. You just do it! Something happens as we get older. We fear it. We fear the embarrassment, the disappointment, the feeling of realizing that we can't do something we thought we could.

I don't want my students to ever feel that way in my classes. I never want them to walk in here and think they can't before they even try. If they try I want them to understand that making the effort is more important than the success. Because they don't realize that their effort is their success. I don't care if what they create is the most amazing thing or the worst thing I have ever seen. I care that they tried and they did it! To me that is the success.

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