Friday, December 17, 2010


After attending the IETC convention in Springfield a few weeks ago, I decided to try, with my photo 1 students, the idea of creating a simple photostory. Photostory is a free download on the Internet and is slightly different than movie maker, but an easy program to use. In the past as a final project, I have taught them to create moviemaker slide shows of their work for the year. To be honest I was getting a little tired of the same ole idea. The idea of a photostory is that the student tells a story that is both memorable and reflective. I found that the kids really took off on this lesson. Stories were written within days and they were pretty excited about this adventure. It isn't really like writing a paper, but rather I encouraged them to write like they talk. I want to hear them in their stories. I wanted them to tell me a story that was engaging me and to keep the images simple and significant to the story. I encouraged the use of the thesaurus as a reference and using their peers as peer readers. Students added their own photos to the work. Some that they had taken in the class and some that were simply pictures from their past. I look forward to sharing these with you next week. I few have been turned in and will be having a few re-record as they are reading slightly fast or without expression. Easy fixes for a very cool project.

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