Monday, April 19, 2010


So lately we have been getting the kindest donations to our art program. We have a wonder anonymous donor who helps support the photo program, who recently helped to take students on a field trip for interior design. Without them, my students would not get to experiment in the fields of photography, graphic and interior design. They have been wonderful to us.

Today I was given a donation of ceramic molds for the kiln. I am so excited. We have never been able to use those in the classroom so I think this will be a great experience for the kids in next year's ceramics classes. It is the big and small of people thinking about and giving of their time and money to our program that has helped it grow and thrive into a wonderful learning environment!


Max said...

To whom would I make the donation payable and to what address would I send it. Thank You in advance for your help, Max Dugger.

Ms. Phegley said...

You can contact me and I can give you specific information. my school email is