Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Outlet

As an art teacher I have a love and have an appreciation of the arts. I love teaching my students the skills and opening their ideas to all types of art. Countless times I am asked what type of art do I do in my spare time. Sometimes I smile, with a two year old, who has time. And then I got to thinking why don't I? Why don't I take time for me and do what I love! So my 11 year old and I created a craft room at home. I have gotten back in to scrap booking and collage. I have even been sewing a bit. My love in art is the designing. I love the plan and seeing the dream come to life. So when a very good friend of mine asked me to start working a business together, I could not resist. We are Occasions. We plan, design, and create the decor for events such as weddings, proms, graduation parties, and special events. What an amazing way to use my talents. I hope when my students leave this classroom, that they find a way to use their talents to be happy and feel successful. I do not care if they remember Van Gogh painted Starry Night (although that would be nice), what I truly care about is that somewhere, they have found out that they possess a talent that will follow them through life.

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missy said...

You go girl!! So proud of you for launching this venture!