Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So I live on one of those trick or treat streets. That when the dark takes over here come the the masses of spidermen, hanna montanas, and creepy things that don't have names. It is always funny to see whose light goes off first which means they have simply run out of candy. I shopped in bulk this year and finally made it to a quarter till when it was gone. The trick or treaters all come in different shapes and sizes and I love the look of shock and horror from those parents who are walking their children up and down the streets when they see a car pull up in front of my home and piling out are flight attendants, rocks stars, witches, and divas. My high school kids. It is a tradition to come to my house and every year I buy special treats for them. I love seeing them dressed up heading out to have fun and visit those that know them. But the initial shock of parents is almost amusing. They look slightly angry to see them out, as if they might take candy that belongs to their kids, when they know good and well most of it will end up in the trash in a couple weeks anyway. I encourage my students to be creative and have fun being kids... they grow up too fast, too soon!


Lemon♥ said...

yours so funny i love that you put that picture on your blog!! and nice blog to go with it!!

Karyssa Haase said...

So this counts as one of my post because im posting a nice comment!! I really really love this picture!! and its really funny the half of jake is in the picture!! very cute!! lol! Well i love art class!!
Karyssa♥ :)