Friday, November 2, 2007

Today had been a very insightful day to me. This morning, I subbed for the Econ teacher. The students were given an assignment on budgets. They were each given an amount that they made working, and then a list of all of their bills they would have to pay in a month. The object of the assignment was for students to figure out what bills should be paid out of what check and how much money they would have a month left just to spend. Well, they found out the had no money left, and that in order to pay their bills they would need to drop somethings out of their monthly budget. What a great assignment. I still have to do this only a daily basis. Just yesterday, my husband reminded me I needed to watch grocery shopping for the week because he had just made the house payment.

It was remarkable what these kids were thinking whe filling out these sheets. They were choosing to cut out their gas and groceries in order to keep their cell phones and internet. WOW! This was an amazing lesson to me on how kids think.

I know when I was there age the only thing that was important to me were practices after school and my boyfriend. I neveer thought about the future, a job, or anything of the sort. My parents paid my bills and I used my summer job money to pay for gas, etc. I never worried about anything. Oh course, we didn't have internet or computers when I grew up and we only had cable for about half of that time. And the future of having a job and responsiblity was well just that...the future.

When I graduated from college, I still didn't get it. I tried to live like I had before, only know suddenly my money didn't seem to go as far as I thought that it should. Well that was 11 years ago. Times changed and I got older. The older I got, the more that it sank in that something was going to have to ideal of spending or my credit. Yeah know, I chose my spending habits. Trying to decide what is a priority is so hard. Now I am old, married with children, and still today I am constantly questioning my spending. It makes me wonder if we ever learn our lesson on spending or if we will just be fighting an uphill battle the rest of our lives.

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