Thursday, September 27, 2007

Homecoming Week

Today, school was a lot of fun! The students are extremely excited as this week is Homecoming. If you never had the opportunity to attend a smaller school, then you have truly never experienced a homecoming at its finest. Throughout the week, each day is a dress-up day and almost everyone participates. Today was character day. Roaming through my room came pirates, rockstars, clowns, a blueman group member, sitcom favorites, and even a guy riding a turkey! I love these days. The kids are so happy. They have so much fun just being kids!

Friday brings class spirit day and powder puff football in the evening. Powderpuff is something I had never heard of until I came to this school. The girls in each class play flag football at the field. Apparently this is huge and always has been. All I know is the girls are already "trash talking" each other. It is a cute banter as they are all such good friends. Saturday leads to the afternoon football game and the dance in the evening. This year's theme is Under the Sea. The art club students have been helping with the decorations. I promise there will be fun fish everywhere. As for tomorrow I will be wearing each class color with pride...that way everyone is happy!

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